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Are you struggling with issues of anger, stress, resentment and depression? Do you feel unheard and powerless, not sure you will reach your highest aspirations? Are you worried about the future of your children?

In her book INVISIBLE NO MORE, Author Dorothy Attema will challenge you to take courage and look at these issues within yourself, your life and your relationships. Through these pages, you will begin to explore how subconsciously, we carry the pain of our parents which results in us manifesting aggression and stress into our daily lives. As well, we will most likely pass this burden on to our children.

INVISIBLE NO MORE will give you a clear roadmap to get rid of these character defects and to break free from these generational cycles. Through making transformative choices, you will discover how to take back control for inner healing and change. If you want to start living a successful, balanced life, then this book is a must-read.

Invisible No More


To get rid of anger, stress, resentment and get inner healing. Discover how to break the cycle of passing on your pain to the next generation so you can stop the victim mentality and feelings of being powerless. When you understand how to take back control of your life, you will reach your highest aspirations and begin living a balanced successful and purpose-filled life.


  • If you are in denial about your life being unmanageable and spiraling out of control, so that you can take back control and find balance.
  • Learn who has control of your life and the consequences it brings.
  • Find out if you have “addictive behaviours” that hold you back in succeeding in life.
  • Discover how the secrets you carry can make you sick.
  • Discover three steps to forgiveness and how to get rid of the pain.
  • The seven strategies of how to successfully change your focus.
  • Six tools on how to believe in your self and stop being a victim.
  • Three strategies on how to use your experiences and pain to help others.
  • Strategies to step out of your little circle and embrace diversity for creativity, growth and success.
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